Territorial acknowledgement




Necessary business

  • Approved the minutes of the 2022 AGM.
  • Explained and approved the 2022 financial statements, and agreed that we don’t yet need an auditor.

Updated website

We launched our revised website: enjoy!

Land purchase policy

The main focus of the meeting was refining a land purchase policy drafted by the policy working group. Many thoughtful and interesting suggestions were made

Next steps:

  • Send draft back to the policy committee.
  • Then to the board for approval.

Who decides?

It was agreed by consensus that the board will make decisions about land purchases because of the time they will have spent on research, discussions with property owners, weighing options, due diligence, etc.


  • Directors at large Shaun Woods and Sibyl Frei are going into their 2nd year term.
  • Existing board members K. Louise Vincent and Steven Earle were elected to two-year terms as director at large, as well as newcomer Raven Leadem.
  • Organizational representatives Carol Hemrich (GHS), Mary Lee Burns (PHC) and Talyn Martin (Agi Co-op) will continue to serve on the board, as well as new organizational representative John Peirce (SG). A new Commons representative will be appointed soon.
  • The Gabriola Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC) was ratified as the 6th organization to name a representative to the board.

Thank yous

We had many people to thank, including outgoing Sustainable Gabriola representative Deb Ferens, founding members Laura-Jean Kelly and Megan Adam, many others who served on the board for shorter periods of time, Dorothy Engst’s family for the Fairy Calendar donation, and the Agricultural Co-op for allowing us to meet in the Agi Hall.